Aw Hell,…Hail.

21 Mar

Sometimes you just make the wrong choice!

Monday afternoon, March 18th was one of those days.  Atlanta had heavy spring thunderstorms moving in from the west right about rush-hour traffic time.  Being in the Volt, and it being my new baby with a perfectly fresh coat of polish from Sunday on it, I decided to avoid the traffic and wait the storm out at work.

Besides, it looked like the worst red on the radar was going to go over the house, with just a little near work.  It seemed perfectly reasonable, and I stayed in the basement office until about 7:00, headed out, got in my car and headed home.  No big deal, the Volt ran another 3 miles on battery before it swapped to gasoline, and everything was fine.

I get to work on Tuesday morning, and several people are talking about one of the cars in the parking lot that got the back window broken out with the hail on Monday, and the damage to other cars.  Whoops – I go look at my car and…

photo roof2

….crap.  Plus some dimples on the hood and such that didn’t turn out in pictures.

Oh well, at least the insurance company is good about it.  I’ve owned it 5 days and have to go get it fixed.   Damnit.