The First Weekend

21 Mar

Just a quick note here, but all I can say is that this car is great!  Everything that they promised and more.

The seats, for me anyway, are very comfortable. I like the layout for the interior and think everything is just great.  The car is solid, without rattles or squeaks.  Four bucket seats is comfortable for passenger. It has plenty of go, but they have done such a good job of “gamification” of gentle driving, that it is more fun to drive it easy.

With a little help from public charging stations in Woodstock (when there wasn’t a red-neck with his Internal-Combustion-Engine blocking the parking space), I managed to go the entire weekend without using an gasoline.  Most of the Walgreens in the Atlanta area have installed (free-for-now) charging stations.  It was fun doing little things like running to Walgreens and instead of running straight in and out, plugging the car in to the free charging station and walking through the store for 10 minutes and just looking.  It didn’t charge that much, but enough to recover my drive up there.


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