19 Mar

Friday should have been Friday the 13th.  Not the Volt’s fault by any means.

While we were waiting on the car to get here, we borrowed my wife’s grandmother’s 2002 Honda Civic.  Great little car, but it felt like sitting upright in a chair tied to a skateboard going down the road.

The car did not have a huge amount of miles on it and had a fresh oil change before we brought it down to Atlanta for a bit.  We were planning on taking it back to her on Saturday and she was going to sell it since she doesn’t drive anymore.  Notice the words “were planning.”

I left the Volt at home, expecting my wife to take the opportunity to drive it to work that day.  She did and loves it as much as I do already.  It also gave me the opportunity to gas up the Civic on the way home from work and have it washed before we took the two plus hour trip on Saturday to take the car back.  Atlanta traffic was extra horrible with problems on I-285 and stop and go for about 15 miles.  I decided to get off and take surface streets to the car-wash and when I hit the ramp, the engine rev’d and the car didn’t’ want to go.  Great!  At least I was off the highway at that point.

It acted like it was low on fluid, so I parked the car and headed to public transit, so I could get where my wife could pick me up.  Thus begins the saga of getting home.

The car wanted to do the same issue so I stopped on the side of I-75 and started looking for a tow service.  I called Marietta Wrecker and the dispatcher told me it would probably be between an hour and two hours to get a truck to me.  I thanked her and decided to try for something better.  It turns out she was probably honest and credit to her for that.

I then called Kennesaw Towing (who I WOULD NOT use under any circumstances).  The person that answered told me no problem, that he could have someone out in 25 to 35 minutes.  I said go ahead and send them, it sounded pretty reasonable.  Of course about 35 minutes later, the driver calls and tells me he is 7 miles away and waiting on someone to finish paperwork and would be right over.  After another hour, give or take a bit, I try to call the number he called from back.  He doesn’t answer, but calls me back again.  Then he tells me that the person he was working with did not have the money for the tow, and was waiting on them to have someone bring the money – but that he had told her she had another two minutes and he was leaving.  That he would have to take the car to the impound yard which was only about 3 miles from and he should be there either way within 30 minutes.  I should have stopped then, but I waited.  After another hour he calls me and tells me he is at the impound yard and working on the paperwork.  I wait another 15 minutes or so, and decide that I am completely fed up with the incompetence or outright lies from this organization and that I would rather wait until dawn for someone else before I spend money (EVER!) with these people.  So I call Little River Towing – who I have used before, but couldn’t remember their name earlier (believe me they are in my phone now!).   I call the Kennesaw Towing driver back again to tell him he can pound sand – remember this is now 30 minutes after he told me he was at the impound yard 3 miles away and finishing paperwork – he now tells me he was almost out of fuel and is fueling up and should be there in just a few minutes – am I sure I don’t want him to come!!!  The same song and dance he has been giving all night.  There is no way I would have let him touch the car at that point.

Now back to Little River Wrecker Service (770) 924-0034, 7475 Hwy. 92, Woodstock, GA 30189.  They don’t have a web-page, but I linked to a review of them.  These guys are great, and I have used them before.  When I called, the guy that answered told me he would be down in about 35 minutes, 40 if he had to put fuel in the truck.  I was fully prepared for over an hour, but happy not to be giving money to the other people.  Little River arrived in under 30 minutes, had me loaded and ready to go in 5 minutes or so and was courteous the entire way.  A pleasure to deal with.  He even attempted to take my credit card, but his phone was having trouble getting a signal, so I just hit and ATM and got cash, as that was easier for him and me.  He told me that they would happily come anywhere in Atlanta, but that they normally operated on the I-75 and I-575 area.  If you need a tow around Marietta to Canton, Georgia, I would say call them.


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