The First Commute

15 Mar

Driving in to work on Thursday was great, but then it always is in a new car.  You are keeping good following distances, you are being careful and still enjoying the new feeling.

Even considering that it was wonderful and relaxing.  I listened to my usual stuff on the way in, and then experimented with the XM Radio on the way home.  That let me find some great music instead of my usual talk radio/traffic reports.

I made it all the way to work on the charge, and as the day warmed up it actually gained a little range, so I got about 6 extra miles out of it when I headed out.  It is still very weird how quiet it is starting off from things like stoplights.  The weather was great, so I had to let the windows down a couple of times and just listen.

Downsides: Two known issues with Volts, really.

1)  The image quality for the fish-eye lens on the backup camera sucks.  The camera does a great job overall, being helpful and letting you know what is back there, but in the world of Hi-Def that we have gotten used to, a fuzzy standard definition camera and the fish-eye lens leaves you with a gritty feel.  It is perfectly functional, and I am sure cost effect.

2)  Wind buffeting.  The Volt really wasn’t meant to have the windows down.  You get bad buffeting with he windows down at anything over about 20 mph.  There is a customer service satisfaction campaign for this, where they replace the mirror covers with ones that have a slight deflector on them that is supposed to help greatly, at the cost of a slight coefficient of drag increase.  Originally I had thought that I wouldn’t do it, but after driving with the windows down for a bit, I might consider calling the Volt Advisor and scheduling it, if the campaign is still free.

Neither of those kept me from getting home with a smile on my face and a round trip average of 69 mpg!

I drove a Honda Civic in to work today and the contrast really helped me understand how nice commuting environment is in the Volt.


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