It Is Here!

14 Mar

Got the call on March 13th, that the Volt was at CarMax and ready for me to come and see.  I have not posted picture until now, but will definitely add some.

I fell in love with the car on the pictures on the web.  Isn’t that a great way to shop for cars?

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Of course, pictures are great, but you really don’t know anything until you see it in person.  But it got there yesterday and I got to see it and drive it.  I will say that a continually variable transmission or electric motor is completely different driving than what I was used to.  It wasn’t bad, just very strange at first, but I slowly got used to it.

It did not take but just a little bit to be sure the car was right for me.  So it was back to CarMax (Town Center in Kennesaw) to sign everything and make it mine.  The car does not seem to have been driven a lot in the EV mode, but that will change.  Here is the Driver’s Information Center and the car yesterday at when it was mine.

Volt1 Firstscreen

We finished that and headed to downtown Woodstock, Georgia for dinner.  Woodstock has recently installed several public Blink Charging Stations as part of the EVProject.  However, marking and regulations haven’t caught up and there was an Internal Combustion Engine equipped vehicle parked in each one of the spaces with the chargers.  Hopefully this will soon be a ticketable and/or towable offense, similar to handicapped parking violations.  There is no reason to mark and reserve the spots, if the use isn’t enforced.  However, in the mean time, I took my money and my business back to Cobb County where I knew of another public charging station.

I went to my local Whole Foods, who has two public charging stations.  We charged there while we had dinner at the Marlow’s Tavern in the shopping center.  I thought one lady walking by was going to break her neck looking as my wife handed me the cord and I plugged the car in.  Overall not bad. We got dinner, and the car got dinner too!

FirstCharge FirstPubChargedata

I got home and put it on the 110V wall charger in the garage since I don’t have a 240V charger yet. It finished a full charge before I had to leave for work this morning.  My impressions driving in is that this is a very well built car, without the typical squishy American suspension setup.  The seats are very, very comfortable and overall the car is fun to drive.  There is enough torque to go pretty well when you want to, but it still isn’t Mustang or big V-8 fast.  However it is comfortable on surface streets as well as at 75 mph on the freeway.  It feels very solidly built and, honestly not what I expected from General Motors. This is a world class car that drives like one.  Oh and the 193 mpg average on my drive into work this morning sure doesn’t hurt my feelings.  Now if only I could charge at work to drive home….



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